Final national high school boys basketball rebound leaders

Video: Michael Carmody highlights

Watch the nation's leading rebounder during his senior season.

These are the go-getters, the top 50 boys basketball rebounders in the country for the 2019-20 season.

When the ball went up, these guys went after it the hardest and with most frequency 32 minutes per game.

Of the top 50, 26 were seniors, 19 were juniors, four were sophomores and there was one freshman, Martin Gumwell, a 6-foot-10 post from Calvin Christian (Escondido, Calif.) who averaged 17.2 rebounds per game, eighth best in the country.

The top rebounders were spread evenly throughout the country, with 26 states represented among the 50, including five from California and four each by Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. ...

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