The latest reminder that there are some inherently good people in this world comes from a high school basketball game in South Dakota. In the final moments of Langford vs. Aberdeen Christian, Gabe Smith, a member of Langford's junior varsity team with Down syndrome, was put into the game with the hopes that he'd get a chance to show off his impressive range and score a basket.

Smith did get his moment with about six seconds remaining, but his shot fell just short. However, his chances didn't stop there thanks to Aberdeen Christian's Garrett Pearson, who rebounded the ball for the opposing team, but gave it back to Smith. The Langford player shot again just before the clock expired and the went in rather cleanly.

Smith's shot not only got everyone in the gym excited for him, but also helped give his team a 14-point victory over their opponents. 

In the Facebook video of the highlight, Aberdeen Christian's page described the highlight in the following way: "Being good is more important than winning...every time. One basket wasn't going to change our day, but to this kid, it made his! And for me, the boys made me proud of them all over again!"