An unfortunate play was saved from being even worse during a high school football game between Fairfield High School (Calif.) and Rodriguez (Calif.) on Friday.

The Rodriguez quarterback was picked off by a Fairfield player who accidentally ran the ball in the wrong direction. After catching his first ever interception, excitement may have taken over and he forgot which end zone was his. 

As he headed the wrong way, his teammates were yelling for him to re-route and turn around, but he was not able to hear the message. 

Kha-Ron Thrower must have realized his teammate was not hearing the screams of "go the other way," and took matters into his own hands. Racing down the sidelines, slightly behind the his teammate with the ball, Thrower eventually caught up and was able to tackle him before he made it to the team's own end zone, which wound up be slightly better than the infamous Jim Marshall wrong way run

Thrower probably never thought he would be chasing and tackling his own teammate and for the runner, realizing someone in your own colors took you down must be a rather confusing situation. The other team was likely just has baffled. 

Not sure what the exchange between the two players was after the tackle was, but I can imagine it was a lot of, "You ran the wrong way" and "I can't believe I ran the wrong way!" Even someone on the opposing team looked like he was trying to explain everything to him. 

Lesson learned. Next time, after an interception, you run towards the line of scrimmage, not the first down marker. 

Fairfield lost 14-7 and is now 0-7 on the season.