An Ohio woman was tased and taken away in handcuffs during a middle school football game Wednesday after she refused to wear a mask while in the stands. The incident took place at a high school football field in Logan, Ohio.

The woman was reportedly approached by a school resource officer who asked her to put on a mask after he saw her sitting in the bleachers without one. Alicia Kitts, the woman in question, told the officer that because of her asthma she would not be putting a mask on. Kitts was placed under arrest after she was again asked to put on a mask, and then asked to leave the stadium.

The officer says she refused to put her hands behind her back, so he tased her for resisting arrest. Logan police said that Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing, and made sure to note that there were no charges specifically about her wearing a mask. The explanation was that she became a trespasser when she refused to leave the stadium for violating school policy.

Someone appeared to take exception to this arrest, as the superintendent for the school district Logan is a part of had to place the area on lockdown after a threat was received over the phone.