Few plays in sports are more exciting than a team trying to steal a win with a Hail Mary as time expires. We got a good one Friday night in Texas high school football when Spring quarterback Bishop Davenport let the ball fly nearly 60 yards in the air to help his team stun rival Westfield.

Trailing 23-21 with just seconds left, Spring snapped the ball at its own 49-yard line, Davenport retreated all the way to the 38, evaded a tackler, stepped back to around the 41 and then heaved it straight down the middle of the field to junior wide receiver Travis Sims, who somehow got behind a pack of defenders and made a great play in his own right to haul it in for the score.

Sims was then on the receiving end of a well executed belly-to-back suplex from a teammate and the celebration was on for Spring – 27-23 win for the Lions, who improved to 3-0.

Davenport looks to be a promising quarterback prospect in the Class of 2022. ...

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