Extending the Season: Reflecting on the 'Last Game'

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The coronavirus pandemic is cutting high school sports seasons and careers short. In the coming days and weeks, MaxPreps is putting the spotlight on some of those stories via our 'Extending the Season' series.

In the blink of an eye, it was gone.

Your last game. Your senior season. Your high school career.

A month ago, it seemed inconceivable, and you probably wouldn't believe it if we'd told you. But things have changed rapidly.

Years from now, we hope, you will find solace, meaning and purpose from what our country and the world are going through.

We know you did not ask for it, yet many of you are paying the price.

We know you'd give anything for one last free throw, at-bat or team bus ride.

For many of you, there will be no more "one mores."

Championships denied, seasons erased, dreams unfulfilled. ...

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