How to properly do 'the wave,' by Bill O'Reilly

How to properly do 'the wave,' by Bill O'Reilly

By Matt Snyder | Baseball Writer

Few things seem to anger die-hard baseball fans -- generally speaking, of course -- than the wave these days. It used to be at least a quasi-popular fixture in some ballparks, but nowadays it's effectively become the ugly duckling of stadium ovations for most.

Still, sometimes a group of misguided fans decide to start a wave. And sometimes it sticks, much like it did in Yankee Stadium earlier this week.

Check out Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly taking part. In O'Reilly's case, I use that term loosely.

I love it. O'Reilly stated on his show Tuesday night that this motion is his protest against the wave because he dislikes it. I recommend more people do this moving forward when faced with the prospect of either completely ignoring the wave (because then it might look like you're oblivious) or taking part.

As for Trump, I'm at a loss for words.

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