2013 Trade Deadline Chat

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The 2013 non-waiver trade deadline is next Wednesday, and between now and then there will be a ton of news, rumors, and deals. We discussed a whole bunch of them on Friday afternoon in a chat. Here are a few selection questions and answers, but you can click the replay at the bottom to view the entire chat:

Question: Where is Peavy ending up?
Answer: Boston is my guess right now. Buchholz is a total question mark, Lester is (mostly) a mess, Workman is an unknown. Makes a ton of sense.

Q: Did Chase Utley already play his final home game at Citizen's Bank Park?
A: I don't think so. I think they wind up extending him after the season, actually.

Q: Will Atlanta go after someone to replace Hudson or a "bat"?
A: Definitely think a Hudson replacement is more likely. Maybe not a big name like Peavy, but it could be a smaller deal for say, Joe Saunders.

Q: Does The Yankees offense improve drastically with the addition of Soriano today, and Jeter, Granderson and A-Rod next week? That's four new impact bats added to a dreadful lineup right there.
A: I have hard time counting on Jeter and A-Rod at this point. Soriano and Granderson should help quite a bit because the guys they'll be replacing (presumably Mesa/Wells and Hafner) have been so awful. Even being league-average is a big upgrade.

Q: Will the Dodgers trade for a 3rd baseman?
A: Nah, Uribe has been fine. Not sure if it'll last, but bullpen help (I know they 'pen has been good for a while, but I have a hard time trusting Marmol and League), a second baseman, and another starter is more important.

Q: Where will Justin Morneau be traded to? What can the Twins expect in return?
A: I think he winds up with the Orioles as their DH (or splitting 1B/DH with Davis, whatever). I wouldn't expect much back, his power is gone. Maybe a Grade-B prospect.

Q: Hunter Pence getting traded?
A: I don't think he will but they should definitely look to move him. He's going to be a free agent and he's probably not worth the $15M/yr he'll want in his decline years, so get something while you can. Lots of teams need a bat, cash that chip in. The Giants are going nowhere fast.

Q: Do you see the Mets doing anything? Selling Byrd and maybe a reliever?
A: They have to move Byrd. I don't understand keeping him but I think they will. They really don't have any relievers to move other than Parnell at this point. Hawkins, Rice, etc. won't fetch much.

Q: Do the Royals trade Santana? Could definitely stand to upgrade RF and 2B if they are serious about a run next year.

A: I think they should. His value is at all-time high and plenty of teams need pitching. They won't get a Garza haul, but they could get something close.

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