2014 over/unders: Detroit Tigers

How many saves will Joe Nathan close down this season for the Tigers?
How many saves will Joe Nathan close down this season for the Tigers? (USATSI)

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Time for another round of team over/unders. What's this, you ask? Here's the explanation:

As part of our preview of the 2014 season to come, let's roll out a few "over/unders" for each team. That is, we'll assign a number to 10 different categories that, in their own way, will predict one facet of the season ahead. In turn, you, the loyal commenter, will let us know whether you take the "over" or "under" for each category. Stated another way, will the actual figure be higher or lower than the one we've presented? Remember, we're talking 2014 season and 2014 season only.

Today's club is the Detroit Tigers, who once again won the AL Central title, but took a step backward in failing to make the World Series. Now to the betting lines ...

Wins: 90

Finish in AL Central: 1.5

Postseason series wins: 1.5

Number of combined wins for Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez: 45

Number of rate stats (AVG/OBP/SLG) in which Miguel Cabrera leads the AL: 1.5

Major individual awards (MVP, Cy, ROY, MGR): 1.5

Additional "controversies" between Ian Kinsler, Rangers: 0.5

Joe Nathan saves: 38

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