A Jumbotron in Wrigley Field?

Say it ain't so, Cubs. (Getty Images)

Perish the thought, baseball traditionalists will say, but here, according to MLB.com's Carrie Muskat, is what's afoot on the North Side of Chicago:

While I'm generally not one to bray to the heavens about such things, this seems like one of those times when standing athwart change seems justified. Manual scoreboards are awesome and charming and also -- and this is not to be underrated -- quiet.

As more and more parks add modern amenities, creature comforts and all manner of ways not to pay attention to the game on the field (looking at you, stupid Clevelander), the understated baseball experience becomes a point of distinction. That very experience has become an indelible part of going to a game in Wrigley (and Fenway) and, by extension, it has become part of the brand.

This, too, we shall survive. But in the opinion of this scribe, Wrigley needs a better beer selection, not a Kiss Cam.

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