A-Rod releases statement: 'Enough doctors, let's play'

Alex Rodriguez, you see, is tired of wating. (USATSI)
Alex Rodriguez, you see, is tired of wating. (USATSI)

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To recap the recaps of the recaps, Alex Rodriguez recently pumped the brakes on his minor-league rehab hitch because of an apparent quad injury. The Yankees team doctor confirmed said quad injury. However, A-Rod, hoping to be activated on Friday and in possible violation of the CBA, sought out a second opinion, which sorta-kinda said A-Rod might not be all that injured. Yankees GM Brian Cashman did not appreciate said second opinion.

And now, A-Rod has released a statement in response to the daisy-chain of statements that has gone before it. Rodriguez says, quite possibly through a forced smile:

"I think the Yankees and I crossed signals. I don't want any more mix-ups. I'm excited and ready to play and help this team win a championship. I feel great, and I'm ready and want to be in the lineup Friday night. Enough doctors, let's play."

Presumably, the "crossed signals" part is in reference to his decision to get a second opinion. Anyhow, I'm sure the Yankees at this point are well aware that A-Rod wants to come off the DL on Friday. As far as the public-relations battle is concerned, A-Rod could have his statements read by a smiling chorus of adorable Corgi puppies bathed in alabaster and heavenly light and it wouldn't move the needle. So I'm not sure what the motivation is here, other than the inscrutable motivations native to a weird man named Alex Rodriguez.

Official Yankee statement forthcoming, I'm sure.

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