A-Rod: Yankees can keep him out of sight, but never out of mind

TAMPA, Fla. -- The New York Yankees would love to make Alex Rodriguez disappear.

Barring that, they'd love to make the Alex Rodriguez questions disappear.

Barring that, they'll settle with keeping A-Rod out of sight. At least for now, that's one goal they can easily accomplish.

It's even one goal they can easily explain, thanks to Rodriguez's bad hip (as opposed to his bad judgment). A-Rod won't be in Yankees camp at the start of spring training because he just had surgery, is just off crutches and is better off being somewhere else.

That's their story.

"He will continue to rehab in New York," manager Joe Girardi said Tuesday. "He's not ready to do anything with us. ... We feel the best place for him to be is New York, under the doctor's supervision."

And away from the supervision of reporters with questions about the most recent PED issues?

"Him being in New York has nothing to do with trying to get rid of a distraction," Girardi said. "It's the best place for him to be."

How long will that be the best place for him to be?

The Yankees won't say.

When, if ever, will Rodriguez report to camp?

The Yankees won't say.

When will the A-Rod questions stop coming?

His absence might slow them down, but won't stop them.

"This club is used to having what people might call distractions," Girardi said. "I don't think I've ever been to a Yankee camp where there hasn't been something called distractions."

This Yankees camp could have distractions. For the near future, at least, it won't have Alex Rodriguez.

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