A-Rod, Yankees discussing compromise for famous HR milestones

Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees are talking about a compromise for his famous milestone home run clause, whereby the Yankees would pay some part of the $6-million milestone bonus for topping Willie Mays' 660-homer mark to the charity of A-Rod's choice.

One person familiar with the discussions said at some point they were involving a scenario whereby they'd "split the difference," a suggestion that the Yankees would pay about $3 million. That seems like a wonderful way to solve the dilemma of what to do about the milestone money the Yankees didn't want to play due to Rodriguez's steroid link.

Not only would this keep the parties out of a hearing room, it would provide a nice ending to a potentially contentious situation. If this is the solution, it would be yet another boon to the remaking of A-Rod, as he'd show his charitable side. This possibility was first mentioned by Ken Davidoff in the New York Post, though it appeared originally as if it wasn't going to fly.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees could 'split the difference' on his milestone home run clause. (USATSI)
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