Watch Now: Yankees stun Astros in Game 4 (0:50)

If you weren't watching Game 4 of the 2017 American League Championship Series between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees (GameTracker), then you missed one of the strangest caught stealings you'll ever see, courtesy of noted large man Aaron Judge.

The weirdness occurred in the fourth inning. Judge walked to begin the Yankees' half of the frame, and later took off with Gary Sanchez at the dish. Judge went in standing, and even rounded the base as he tracked Sanchez's batted ball. Alas, right fielder Josh Reddick made a nice catch, prompting Judge to retreat.

Judge was originally called out at first base, but a review corrected the call, as he'd slid in before a tag was applied. So, Judge was safe at first -- there was just one problem though: he hadn't touched second base on his way back to first. The Astros and the Yankees knew it, too, and Judge scrambled toward second before being caught stealing while the Astros were in the process of appealing.

Why did Judge run? Because Joe Girardi told him to because he knew he was going to be called out, meaning his one chance at being deemed safe was reaching the bag before the Astros could appeal and/or tag him out. It didn't work. Give him points for trying, however -- and points for an unusual caught stealing.