Activists in Canada fight use of Indians nicknames, uniforms during ALCS in court

Last week, we explained why a Blue Jays announcer would abstain from referring to Cleveland's baseball team as the Indians during the postseason. This week, as the ALCS shifts to Toronto, some activists hope to inspire a country-wide ban on the nickname, as well as the Chief Wahoo logo.

Here's the story, per the Associated Press:

The legal challenge by indigenous activist Douglas Cardinal comes on the same day the baseball team takes on the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series in Toronto.


Cardinal says they shouldn't be allowed to wear their regular jerseys, the logo shouldn't be broadcast and the team should be referred to as ''the Cleveland team.''

Presumably, nothing will come from this challenge. Yet a Toronto judge hearing the argument on Monday asked the Cardinal just how the ALCS would proceed without the use of the aforementioned items. The same judge is expected to rule before game time ... meaning, oh, within the next four-plus hours.

No matter the ruling, you have to wonder how much longer Major League Baseball will allow the Chief Wahoo logo to remain in use -- because, really, it's past time to move on, regardless of what the court rules.

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