Adrian Gonzalez, John Lackey on Boston media

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While there are of course exceptions, the Boston sports media are rightly assailed as embodying the worst characteristics of the profession. For every Peter Abraham or Alex Speier or Rob Bradford (who are very good and very measured), there's an overpaid troll like Dan Shaughnessy. It's little surprise, then, that those directly and indirectly affected by the recent Red Sox-Dodgers whopper of a swap might have something to say about the media's role in decline and further decline of the 2012 Sox model.

First, here's Adrian Gonzalez, who is chief among those who are free at last, talking to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times about the Boston media's seeming distaste for him:

"They didn’t like that I was a calm person. I won’t throw my helmet, I won’t scream, I won’t use bad words if I strike out. That’s what they want over there … They took me over there and I didn’t change. My intensity, how I prepared, everything was the same. When they took me over there, they took me over there to drive in runs. And I did that."

Indeed, it does seem that some observers insist that you not only succeed on the field but also be visibly histrionic about doing so. That's a stupid insistence, but it's out there. 

And now here's the un-traded John Lackey mustering a defense of the traded Josh Beckett to WEEI's Bradford:

"It’s baffling to me people write things that don’t even know the man. Guys write stuff who don’t know Josh. He’s a good guy. It’s too bad that it came to that. They write about the Beckett Bowl (charity event), that we were partying and stuff, but they raised $300,000 for Children’s Hospital that night. Throw something in there positive. ... There were definitely times young guys went to talk to him about things. People didn’t see that sort of stuff. He was a good influence."

It certainly says something when John Lackey is weary of seeing you savaged in the press. 

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