After HR, Napoli on getting 2-strike fastball from Tanaka: 'What a idiot'

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On Saturday night, the Red Sox nipped the Yankees by a score of 2-1. The critical blow was a two-out, ninth-inning home run by Boston first baseman Mike Napoli off Yanks starter Masahiro Tanaka. Here's a look:

Obviously, that's a not a great spot to throw a 1-2 fastball to a hitter like Napoli. The puzzling nature of of Tanaka's pitch selection certainly wasn't lost on Napoli himself (listen closely) ... 

Napoli, as he returns to the visitor's dugout in conquering-hero mode, appears to say "What a [sic] idiot!" Indeed, Napoli himself seemed to confirm those words after the game:

As Kevin Manahan of writes, Tanaka appeared to shake off catcher Brian McCann before delivering that fated heater, so the Yankee catcher would seem to be spared a similar indictment. 

This shouldn't be any big deal, since all manner of unkind words are no doubt privately directed at the opposition during a game, especially a close one between rivals. This one just happened to be picked up by the mic. But since it was picked up by the mic, the Yankees are no doubt aware of it. 

Developing, maybe!

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