Alex Sanabia of the Marlins is definitely about to throw a spitball

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In the second inning of the Marlins' eventual win over the Phillies on Monday night, Domonic Brown of those Phillies touched Alex Sanabia of those Marlins for a home run. As Brown rounded the bases, the the umpire of course presented Mr. Sanabia with a brand-spanking-new baseball. Here's what Mr. Sanabia did to that brand-spanking-new dry baseball ...

That, folks, is the birth of a spitball, which, you'll recall, is against the rules.

The volume and apparent viscosity of the the spittle in tandem with the vague hints of effort originating in the nasal cavity all suggest that this is not mere saliva but rather something far more sinister summoned from deep within Mr. Sanabia's cheating lungs.

Somewhere in the wilds of Miami, the blob grows -- in both size and power -- and waits.

(Wink of CBS eye: Dave Cameron of FanGraphs)

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