All 36 players ejected, one parent arrested in high school brawl

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Saturday morning, a high school baseball game in New Jersey got a wee bit out of control. The final tally was 36 players ejected and one parent arrested for assault. The brawl, between Rumson-Fair Haven Regional and Red Bank Regional, came after a missed suicide-squeeze attempt.

Via Asbury Park Press:

Red Bank Regional coach/athletic director Del Dal Pra said the brawl occurred after a Red Bank batter missed a suicide squeeze bunt attempt with a runner on third base. Dal Pra said the runner coming home from third collided with the Rumson-Fair Haven catcher. (Umpire Vinny) Smith said the runner coming home “came in with a shoulder block on the catcher and was called out and ejected. The catcher retaliated by fighting.”

Both benches emptied at that point, Smith said. He said 22 players from Rumson-Fair Haven and 14 from Red Bank Regional were ejected. No coaches were ejected, Smith said.

Those 36 players were the only ones there. Every single player on each team was tossed, and the game was obviously called.

Thankfully, it sounds like the coaches were actually acting like adults and trying to play peacemakers. Of course, one 49-year-old adult allegedly assaulted a player and was arrested. If he's guilty, that's pretty sad to go into a fight among teenagers and take part instead of trying to, you know, be an adult and stop it.

According to the report, it's possible both teams will be barred from taking part in the state tournament this spring.

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