All-Star Game Remember When: Torii Hunter robs Barry Bonds

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The 2002 All-Star Game in Milwaukee is mostly remembered for ending in a lame-wad tie after the AL and NL teams each ran out of pitchers in the 11th inning.

That rather clunky nonconclusion overshadowed what stands as one of the greatest defensive plays in All-Star history. I'm talking about Torii Hunter's outright thievery of Barry Bonds.

Ichiro, your services are not needed!

That's an eight-foot wall out there in the Miller Park outfield, and that was Torii Hunter's left elbow over that eight-foot wall at the instant of the snare.

Since this would've been a home run without the center fielder's dirty meddling, you can, in a very real sense, blame Torii Hunter for the fact that this game ended in a tie.

Don't let it happen again.

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