American League team logos, through the years

Who has the edge? Pirates-Cardinals | Dodgers-Braves | Tigers-A's | Rays-Red Sox

Courtesy of LogoTod comes this most excellent graphic, which is of every logo ever used by every American League franchise. Regard with admiration ... 

Now, a smattering of observations:

That 1954-64 Orioles logo uber alles.

Impressive in its crudity: 1950-59 Red Sox, which appears to be a Massachusetts-shaped pool of blood.

Also impressive in its crudity is the 1901-02 Tigers' "vaguely feline blob."

Athletics: Under pain of street justice, you are to bring back that 1968-82 logo. Note that "swingin'" carries with it the implication of an indecent rendezvous, quite possibly with Sal Bando.

The 1972-82 Rangers logo presents the observer with a strange urge to negotiate the cost of a used RV.

Something about the Devil Rays' inaugural logo carries with it the promise of terrible food and dance music.

The 1977-79 Mariners logo seems to dangle reasonably priced gasoline, clean restrooms relative to industry standards and a pleasing array of packaged snack foods -- all available at the next Interstate exit.  

What happened to those two affable gentlemen in the first three Twins logos? The motorcycle gang symbolized by the first Angels logo murdered them with a cargo hook, presumably just to watch them die. The 1927-28 Tigers logo witnessed the slaying, which is why his widened eyes suggest an existential terror. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Reddit Baseball)

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