On Wednesday, the Braves fell to the Pirates by a score of 12-5 (box score). On that same night, a boy's dreams of the only game he's ever loved fell to crushing tyranny of stadium security. Please witness the saddest tale ever told ... 

First, the tweet above notes that the kid got a signed ball, so maybe 86 all that talk about his dreams being squashed. 

Look at you people overreacting. In defense of the security guard, the ball was indeed ill-gotten lucre, as it was a fair ball when snatched from the field of play. That, however, is the adult's fault. In further defense of the security guard, he plainly had no idea what to do next, as made clear by his pacing and stomping around. Maybe not knowing what you're supposed to do next when on the clock is not a defense, but whatever. 

The real villain in all of this? Check out Grima Wormtongue in the Maddux jersey being darn sure that the agents of oppression found their man ... 


After the revolution comes, I'd cool my heels elsewhere, were I that guy. 

Anyhow, the larger point is that, given how many tax dollars went into the construction of SunTrust Park, the paying public should be able grab the right fielder and take him home if they want to, let alone a fair-hit baseball.