And the 500,000th error in baseball history goes to ...

Where were you when the 500,000th error in baseball history was committed?

Saturday night's Reds-Marlins game brought us that hallowed mark in the seventh inning, when this happened ... 


Hosannas to Jose Reyes

Sure, perhaps something a bit more conspicuously pratfall-ish would've been more fitting, but it is precisely in the quietest of moments that the civilization about us shifts. So it is on this night. has been doing the necessary work of tracking this march toward legend, and it should be noted that the 500,000 figure is at best an educated guess. Still, history is written by the victors -- or, in this case, those who screw up the glove-to-hand transfer. 

So let us commemorate this hallowed occasion with a fittingly altered Getty image ... 


Tonight, Jose Reyes, master of history, you walk among the gods. 

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