And the Mets' two highest-paid outfielders for 2013 are ...

Hint: It's these guys. (Getty Images)

So who, at this very moment in time, are the Mets' two highest-paid outfielders?

Please provide a drum roll, and be sure to perform said drum roll on the crappiest drum in the history of history ...

It's ... true. The Mets still owe Bay $21 million, part of which is deferred, and Bonilla will be receiving annual, $1-million-ish checks from the Amazin's through the year, oh, 2035 or so. Take a deep whiff of that one and ponder it for a moment.

As for the highest-paid outfielder who will, you know, actually suit up for the Mets in 2013, that honor falls to ... well their three projected starting outfielders are Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Lucas Duda and Mike Baxter, who are all in their pre-arbitration years. So it scarcely matters.

Once more, with chagrin: Jason Bay, who is a Mariner, and Bobby Bonilla, who is 49 years old, are the Mets' highest-paid outfielders in 2013.

This knowledge surely leaves all of us with the flummoxed visage of Postseason Guacamole Guy ...

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