Watch Now: Room For Compromise On Sliding Pay Scale Structure: Yes Or No? (3:01)

For those hoping to hear of a deal between Major League Baseball owners and the players union for a 2020 season, Tuesday was a very frustrating day. The owners presented a proposal to the players that appeared to be an attempt to divide the union and players appeared angry and offended at the offer. 

The two sides were not expected to talk again on Wednesday.

Now that I've depressed everyone sufficiently, I'm going to cheer you up. Cardinals reliever Andrew Miller is a member of the eight-person executive subcommittee for the MLBPA and he expressed the following optimism to The Athletic:

"We want to play baseball. This pandemic is going to have a profound impact on all of us. Players are willing to make sacrifices and surely will to get back on the field. However, we will not sacrifice our principles or the future generations of players to do so."

"While I'm disappointed in where MLB is starting the discussion, if this is truly about getting the game to our fans, I have confidence we will find common ground. I know that our players will do their part."

That's encouraging and good messaging from the players' point of view. 

Moving forward with a plan to have a few weeks of a second "spring" training before starting the season in early July means the two sides still have probably around two weeks to get a deal done. That's plenty of time to negotiate. Given that both sides surely know how devastating to the long-term health of the game it would be to cancel a season over money, it still seems likely they'll end up with some sort of compromise. Knowing this, Miller's comments are pretty nice to see.