The Los Angeles Angels officially introduced Joe Maddon as their latest manager on Thursday afternoon, a week after agreeing to a three-year pact with the erstwhile Chicago Cubs skipper. 

Maddon held court with the media for roughly 20 minutes, swerving in and out of decades as though he were a Vonnegut character. Along the way he dropped a few notable quotables -- including a declaration that he intends for the Angels to bunt more in 2020 -- but the one people will be talking about doubled as his closing statement, in which he discussed his old team.

Maddon, predictably, talked up what he was able to accomplish in Chicago and acknowledged how proud he is of the players who remain there. He then noted that his "pipe dream" is to play the Cubs in the World Series -- and, of course, to beat them. Here's his full comment:

"Nothing but warm fuzzies about five years in Chicago. You look at the number of wins, number of losses; three straight trips to the NLCS, which means you're almost in three consecutive World Series; you do include one and win it. [In 2018] we played something like 45 of the last 46 days, those guys were absolutely gassed in the last part of that season, and then this year we just had a tougher time -- we were the bug, we weren't the windshield this year. But I will say this, I've already had a lot of outreach from my guys in Chicago, and wow … I cannot be more proud of that group, I wish them nothing but the best. And the ultimate goal … my pipe dream [is] that we play them in a World Series and we beat them. That would be my pipe dream right there."

Maddon and the Angels have some work to do if they're going to make that dream into a reality. The Angels haven't reached the postseason since 2014. They haven't won a postseason game since 2009, when they lost in the American League Championship Series.

Still, the makings of a quality core are in place. There's Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and Andrelton Simmons, with prospects like Jo Adell and Brandon Marsh en route. The Angels will have to find a way to acquire some starting pitching and keep it healthy -- presumably through free agency. The good news -- in theory -- is that owner Arte Moreno confirmed that payroll will go up

If the Angels can accomplish both aspects, then they'll be positioned to make a run at the postseason -- and a chance to make Maddon's "pipe dream" a reality.