Angels outfielder and superduperstar Mike Trout entered Saturday night's game against the Red Sox (BOS-LAA GameTracker) sitting on 283 career home runs and 199 career stolen bases. Soon enough he swiped No. 200: 

And now that he's a member of the 200-200 power-and-speed fraternity, he's also made a little history: 

Yep, the best player in baseball is now the youngest ever to reach 200 home runs and 200 stolen bases for his career. To be more precise, Trout is also the 40th member of the 250 homer-200 steal club and the youngest to reach that dual benchmark, as well. 

Trout led the majors with 49 stolen bases as a rookie, and although he's become less active on the bases in recent years he's still very much a threat (and a high-percentage one at that). As for the power, well, that's not going anywhere for a long time.