On a rainy Friday night in Baltimore, the Orioles and Angels opened a three-game series at Camden Yards. The Halos hammered Dan Straily (LAA 8, BAL 3) and won for the seventh time in their last 10 games.

If the Angels scored eight runs, there's a pretty good chance Mike Trout had something to do with it, and sure enough he clocked a two-run home run in the third inning Friday night. He also doubled in a run in the fifth. Here's the home run, which was very nearly robbed by O's center fielder Stevie Wilkerson:

Trout's home run Friday was not an ordinary home run. It was a request home run. As David Ginsburg of the Associated Press writes, Trout met a young fan before the game who requested he go deep. From Ginsburg:

Seven-year-old Baltimore native Gavin Edelson met Trout last season when the youngster was carrying a sign that read "Mike Trout is my idol," and two hit it off.

Edelson was at Friday's game, meeting his "favorite player" before the game and receiving one of his bats. Edelson had a request for Trout: Hit a home run.

I'm a sucker for stories like these. You wouldn't believe it if they happened in a movie because it's so cheesy, and yet, here it is in real life. Baseball can be pretty cool sometimes.