More than a week has passed since Houston Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick slammed into Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy in a collision that left Lucroy hospitalized with a fractured nose and a concussion. Major League Baseball has since doled out a punishment to Marisnick in the form of a two-game suspension. But, because this is baseball, everyone knew the Angels would likely throw at Marisnick the next time they had the opportunity.

On Tuesday night, the Angels received their chance to enact their form of justice -- and did indeed plunk Marisnick, with Noe Ramirez hitting Marisnick in the shoulder area with a pitch. The benches emptied, but no punches were thrown. Both sides were warned.

Marisnick, for his part, has apologized to Lucroy via social media. He also tried keeping the peace after being hit by Ramirez, motioning toward his dugout for his teammates to calm down. 

This is a case where two wrongs don't make a right. Marisnick's play at the plate was unnecessary and went against the spirit of the Posey rule. Even if he's not a dirty player -- and he's not, by all accounts -- it was a dirty play. Yet throwing at anyone, while deemed socially acceptable within the baseball culture, is poor form. Someone, someday is going to get hurt.

Baseball players get hurt enough during the ebb and flow of the season. Let's stop adding to the carnage by barreling over catchers and throwing at hitters.