Another 20-year-old batting champ? It's a long way to October, but Trout is on top

It's a long way from June 26 to Oct. 3.

It's a long way from leading the league in hitting at the end of June to winning a batting title.

But did you notice who was leading the American League in hitting on Tuesday morning?

Mike Trout.

20-year-old Mike Trout.

Al Kaline famously won a batting title at age 20, way back in 1955. Alex Rodriguez won a batting title in 1996, a few months after turning 21.

Ty Cobb won a batting title at age 20, in 1907.

No one else ever has.

Trout will turn 21 in August, which means he would be the third youngest batting champ, behind Cobb and Kaline.

If he wins it, that is.

Trout's .338 batting average would be the fourth-best ever for a player in his 20-year-old season, behind Rodriguez (.358), Cobb (.350) and Kaline (.340), and just ahead of Mel Ott (.328), Jimmie Foxx (.328) and Ted Williams (.327).

Pretty good names, aren't they?

It's a long way to October. You wouldn't think that Trout can stay as hot as he's been in June (.386 in 21 games).

But it sure will be something to watch.

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