'Arizona Republic' editorial calls Dodgers 'classless'

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The "tempest in a hot tub" saga isn't over yet, it seems. You'll recall that the Dodgers on Thursday night celebrated their freshly minted division title by taking a dip in the Chase Field swimming pool ...

That pool, it turns out, is apparently a place of deep solemnity and sacred essence -- spontaneous renderings of it have been spotted on tortillas and drawn by urine streams under highway overpasses. So the Diamondbacks have indeed taken grave affront at the besoiling actions of the NL West champs.

Now, you can count the editorial board of the Arizona Republic as being among those who have collapsed onto the fainting couches of this fair land. In an editorial entitled "Congrats to the classless Dodgers," the board sniffs in unison:

In the interests of good sportsmanship, here’s to the 2013 National League West Division champs.

Congratulations are in order. Even to a bunch as classless as the Los Angeles Dodgers, the first players not wearing Diamondbacks uniforms to celebrate a championship by diving into the Chase Field pool.

Everyone's entitled to their righteous outrage, I suppose, but I'd submit that nothing that went on Thursday night is as "classless" as the snits perpetrated by former D-back Ian Kennedy earlier this season.

(Wink of CBS eye: BBTF)

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