As the Marlins should have known, this is Ozzie

This is Ozzie Guillen.

"Sometimes, I create my own problems," Ozzie said . . . four years ago.

"That's the way I am," Ozzie said that day in Chicago, attempting to clean up another Ozzie mess. "That's me."

I'll accept that what Ozzie said about Fidel Castro was far worse than what he said in 2008 . . . or in 2009 . . . or in 2010 . . .

But let's be serious.

This is Ozzie. This is the way Ozzie is.

He says crazy things. He says stupid things (although not usually this stupid).

Then he works at cleaning up the mess.

The Marlins knew that. And then they hired him.

"It really is a perfect fit," Marlins president David Samson said, when spring training began two months back.

The Marlins loved it that Ozzie created a buzz. Of course, it was basically all positive then.

Ozzie can do that.

The Marlins loved it that Ozzie could handle a clubhouse filled with personalities, that he could help convince Hanley Ramirez that playing third base is good for him.

Ozzie can do that.

So now they're supposed to fire Ozzie because he said amazingly insensitive and stupid things about Castro?

Sorry, Ozzie can do that, too.

If you're not prepared to deal with Ozzie messes, don't hire him in the first place. If you're surprised that you're already dealing with an Ozzie mess, well, that's on you as much as it's on him.

The White Sox lived with Ozzie messes through eight seasons. He gave them their only World Series title in the last 95 years.

He also gave them headaches.

That's Ozzie. That's what he does.

And that's what the Marlins signed up for.

If they weren't ready to deal with it, they shouldn't have hired him.

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