Well, it finally happened. After being teased for a couple of days as potentially the harshest punishment in MLB history, the commissioner announced Monday the consequences that the Astros would face following an investigation into the team's sign-stealing cheating scandal. In short, the Astros will be fined, manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow received one-year suspensions before Astros owner Jim Crane later said in a press conference that two were fired, and Red Sox manager and former Astros bench coach Alex Cora will face his own yet-to-be-announced punishment, though it's expected to be the harshest of the bunch

For as straightforward as the punishments were, the reactions on Twitter were anything but. For example, there were those who were more than happy to revel in Houston getting what they saw as a comeuppance. 

And while there were some Astros fans who, after seeing the Texans get steamrolled by the Chiefs on Sunday, who were mourning the punishment...

...others seemed to let the news roll off their backs since, well, the Astros get to keep their World Series title.

That spawned a separate, yet still similar, contingent of folks online who were rather frustrated with what they believed to be a rather lenient punishment. Those tweets were often rather melancholy.

Of course, no Twitter round-up would be complete without including what pitcher and VERY online Individual Trevor Bauer had to say on the matter. The Reds player technically had nothing to say. All he did was post a video.