Astros' Philip Humber did not have a good day

Here's Philip Humber pitching. And that's where the story begins. (AP)

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In this very space on this very day, we made note of the pitching indignities suffered by Rick Porcello, who, you'll recall, surrendered nine earned runs to the Angels in a piddling two-thirds of an inning. Now along comes Houston's Philip Humber who, with an assist from the Indians, sees Porcello's output and raises him thus:

As Steve Stone might say, Mr. Humber just got racky-tacked right around home plate.

The Baseball-Reference Play Index remains our guiding Charon on such matters, and thanks to it we find that Humber is just the 12th pitcher since 1916 (again, the back end of available data) to give up eight or more earned while retiring no more than one batter. So ... rarified air, if foul-smelling air.

Humber's revolting discharges mark the first time such a thing has happened since the otherwise gifted Madison Bumgarner pulled it off against the Twins in 2011. Just to bring it full circle, back in 2005 Paul Wilson, who's featured momentarily in the above-linked action-video footage, managed to give up eight earned runs to the Dodgers before he retired even a single batter.

So, Rick Porcello, chin up: Yours is no longer the worst pitching performance of the day. Somehow.

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