Earlier on Monday, Major League Baseball announced the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers would move their upcoming series to Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, in response to the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. The series was originally scheduled to be played in Houston.

One question asked in response to the announcement was why the Astros and Rangers didn't just shift to Arlington, where conditions are more favorable. Astros president Reid Ryan offered an explanation -- and it's not favorable to the Rangers:

In fairness to the Rangers, there's more at play than greed or sportsmanship. Here's Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic on Texas' reasoning:

For whatever it's worth, the Rangers did offer to host the series -- and also offered to serve as the visiting team, according to Evan Grant:

It's likely that the Rangers will be made into a villain of sorts. But let's keep things in perspective. Where these games are being played and why are trivial matters compared to what's happening across Texas, and particularly in Houston.