Astros working on a resolution with Nix, not Aiken

While the Astros could work something out with Jacob Nix, there is nothing at the moment going on with No. 1 overall pick Brady Aiken, and no new reason to believe there will be a deal with Aiken, according to people familiar with the situation.

Several news outlets took what commissioner Bud Selig said in an interview in San Diego, and apparently mistakenly believed he was referring to Aiken when he suggested that sides were hopefully working toward a "solution." Selig, in fact, was talking about the Nix, the other pitcher the Astros failed to sign.

That there was something new regarding Aiken appears to have been a misunderstanding. Selig possibly didn't hear the questioner use Aiken's name and thought she was talking about Nix.

The players union filed a grievance on behalf of Nix based on its belief Nix had a "binding agreement" to sign the top right-hander for $1.5 million, and would appear to have a case since his deal only fell through after the Astros lost the money to sign Nix based on failing to sign Aiken.

The Astros' doctor found what he believed was an abnormality in Aiken's examination, causing the Astros to lower their offer to the No. 1 overall pick from $6.5 million. Eventually they offered him $5 million on deadline day, but he declined to sign. When Aiken's deal was lost, the Astros no longer had the slot money to sign Nix.

It would be hard to do a deal with Aiken since the deadline was July 18, and there is no grievance on his behalf. Other teams presumably wouldn't be too happy if Houston were allowed to sign Aiken.

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