Aubrey Huff says he used Adderall during the Giants' 2010 World Series run

 Aubrey Huff admits that winning the 2010 World Series while on Adderall left him ‘empty.’ Getty Images

Aubrey Huff spent parts of 13 seasons in the majors, hit 242 home runs along the way, was a key part of the 2010 Giants team that won the World Series and made almost $60 million in salary over that span. Needless to say, that’s the makings of a good baseball life. However, to hear Huff tell it some of those years were clouded and compromised by addiction to alcohol and amphetamines. 

Most notably, Huff regularly used Adderall through the 2010 championship season. Huff has a new book out called Baseball Junkie in which he recounts these struggles. He also recently appeared on Buster Olney’s “Baseball Tonight” podcast and further opened up about his battles with substance abuse: 

“I think at the end of the 2010 World — we win the World Series in 2010 (with the San Francisco Giants), I was seventh in the league in MVP voting, leader in the clubhouse, offensively I carried the team,” Huff told Olney. “You know, I was having a great year, one of the best years I’ve ever had obviously with winning the World Series. The next morning I woke up next to my wife after we won the World Series, and I looked her dead in the eye and I go, ‘Huh. Now what?’ It was a feeling — I was coming down from my Adderall — it was a feeling of worthlessness and emptiness because I worked my whole life to win a World Series, but I felt so empty inside and so ashamed. 

“So I went through that whole 2010 playing under the influence. … I think in a lot of ways, Adderall is more potent than any steroid you can take because, as you know, baseball is a game of mental toughness, and Adderall gets into your head and makes you feel invincible.”

Huff’s managed to get past those struggles and is presently enjoying a normal retirement. Here’s hoping it stays that way and that he can serve as an example for young ballplayers who face similar temptations and challenges.

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