AUDIO: Cardinals, Red Sox radio calls of obstruction, pick-off walk-offs

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As you are no doubt aware, Games 3 and 4 of the World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals each concluded in a fairly absurd manner. Game 3, of course, brought us the first walk-off obstruction call in World Series history, and Game 4 bestowed upon the people the first walk-off pick-off in World Series history. 

Now let's briefly revisit those two all-but-impossible occurrences by giving a listen to how the two local radio broadcasts called them. In each of the two spliced clips to follow, Boston's WEEI call is followed up by the call of KMOX in St. Louis. First, the Game 3 obstruction ... 

Obviously, you can sense the unfolding confusion. Doing real-time, no-do-overs radio is challenging enough without that kind of chaos going on, and that's why much of the running commentary you hear at the end of Game 3 seems to be phrased in the form of a question. "Safe at home?!"

Now to Kolten Wong's being picked off with two out in the ninth and Carlos Beltran at the plate and representing the tying run ... 

KMOX's Mike Shannon is very good at his job -- he's a nice blend of insider perspective, casual delivery with a good radio voice and the charms of "soft homerism." However, his mocking of the Red Sox's decision to hold Wong on first and thus create a hole on the right side for the switch-hitting Beltran, was a bit untimely given what happened mere seconds later. To be fair, though, a number of us were wondering the very same thing. 

And with that we're ready for whatever madness Game 5 has in the offing. 

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