AUDIO: Hawk Harrelson does not like what he has just seen

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On Tuesday night, the White Sox eventually defeated the Mets by a score of 5-4, but triumph didn't happen until after the host Sox blew a lead in the top of the ninth. How did they blow that lead? They blew it thanks to some miscommunication on a thoroughly routine infield pop-up, which allowed the tying run to score with two outs.

Up in his broadcast aerie, Sox play-by-play man Hawk Harrelson was, shall we say, "murderously disgusted" by what he witnessed. Please do give a listen ...

In the interest of a more pleasurable walking tour, please do regard the following time-stamped annotations to what you have just heard ...

0:18 -- First evidence that Hawk does not believe what has just unfolded before him.

0:21 -- Steve Stone undertakes the yeoman's work of explaining what happened.

1:00 -- Gobsmacked anger, mounting.

1:11 -- At this point, during the smoldering silence, the reader should note that there's an actual important at-bat going on on the field.

1:19 -- Hawk can't even finish a !@#$%& thought at this point.

1:21 -- Heroically doing his job. For the moment.

1:28 -- That was a pitch being delivered.

1:37 -- A petition to the creator, grumbled.

1:48 -- Grumbling, muttering.

1:50 -- Grumbling, muttering. Important at-bat still ongoing.

2:13 -- Stone, smothered under the weight of dead air, is compelled to say something.

2:23 -- "Fine, I'll say three words -- one of them hyphenated -- about what's happening in the present."

2:28 -- That was a strikeout to end the frame.

2:30 -- Still super-big-time pissed about all of this, you guys. 

2:34 -- State of disbelief reaches crescendo. 

2:36 -- Back to business, grudge still clutched like a last chance.

Had the White Sox not mustered the winning run in the home half, then doubtless Hawk would still be in the booth, staring vacantly at the scene of defeat and mumbling lamentations into his long-extinguished mic.

(Wink of CBS eye: Awful Announcing)

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