Before Texas trade, Dodgers were involved in Hamilton trade scenarios

The Dodgers were in the middle of the Josh Hamilton trade talks before the cross-town Angels traded him to his preferred Rangers, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

The Dodgers are believed to have discussed both straight deals and three-way scenarios that would have sent Hamilton to Texas but it’s apparent that ultimately they couldn’t quite pull off any sort of deal that satisfied the Angels. The cash-rich Dodgers’ main intention apparently was to pay some money while gathering prospects, not add Hamilton to their talented and crowded outfield mix; so even if a straight deal worked, presumably Hamilton would have gone to the Rangers eventually, anyway.

It seems that the Dodgers were mainly trying to interject themselves into the ongoing trade talks and appear to have had no real intention of ultimately keeping Hamilton. The Dodgers have had an outfield glut for more than a year now (though that's less the case with Matt Kemp gone), and in any case there's no reason to realistically think Hamilton would be any happier 45 miles north of Anaheim, where the Angels play.

Hamilton, who has a full no-trade, at some point made it clear that his priority was to get back to Texas, where he thrived from 2009-13, and where his kids live. There’s no belief a deal to go to the Dodgers was ever brought to Hamilton, and also no reason to think he would have accepted one there, anyway.

There was a report of interest from a National League team by Ken Rosenthal of, and the Dodgers may have been the team from that report, though it isn’t known if there was another team or two involved in talks. Other interest was said to have been very limited, even in three-way deals, as teams seemed reticent to get involved in the messy situation.

Eventually, the straight deal with the Rangers worked nicely. Angels owner Arte Moreno was said to have told folks he wanted to save at least $20 million of the $83 million remaining, and the Angels did just that with the deal they made with Texas.

According to sources, the Rangers agreed to chip in $6 million over three years, while Hamilton, with about a $5-million tax savings and the addition of an opt-out clause after the 2016 season, took the unusual step of agreeing to contribute $14 million to facilitate the trade back to Texas.

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