Ben Zobrist finally gets ejected from a baseball game thanks to a pretty clever one-liner

Cubs utility man Ben Zobrist has long been one of baseball's nice guys. The mild-mannered 37-year-old veteran doesn't even cuss. 

He entered Tuesday with zero career ejections, but that all changed in the 1,563rd game of his career on this (poor) called strike three. 

Zobrist rarely argues, but he has one of the best ball/strike eyes in baseball. Still, he doesn't cuss, so what magic words could he have possibly said? 

Now that's funny. He was clearly trying to jab at Phil Cuzzi, and it worked. If you're gonna get tossed without screaming like a mad fool, a nice one-liner like that does the trick pretty well. 

From the sounds of it via the beat writers who heard Zobrist's comments, he was a lot less advocating for electronic strike zones and a lot more just wanting to needle Cuzzi. So instead of getting into some big debate, let's just enjoy the line. Rock on, Zorilla. 

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