Benches clear twice as Jays-Braves gets testy after quick pitch, Bautista bat flip

In theory, the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves should have no animosity with each other. Sure, they played in the 1992 World Series, but c'mon -- that was nearly 25 years ago. Nonetheless, that didn't stop the two sides from partaking in two -- yes, two -- benches-clearing spats during Wednesday night's game (which ended an 8-4 Braves victory).

The first incident occurred in the top of the seventh, when Braves reliever Jason Motte quick-pitched Kevin Pillar and induced an ugly inning-ending swing on a slider that was way off the plate. 

Pillar appeared to articulate something toward the mound, something that catcher Kurt Suzuki and Motte both took exception to. Suzuki and Pillar kept yakking, albeit from a distance, and there was never any threat of fisticuffs. You can watch video of the whole thing here.

An inning later, Jose Bautista hit a home run that sliced the Braves' lead to four. Bautista tossed his bat, as he is wont to do, and heard about it from first baseman Jace Peterson (in for the injured Freddie Freeman) and Suzuki. Again, though, no fists were thrown. You can watch the video here.

By the way, remember Bautista's brawl with Rougned Odor? The year mark just passed on Monday. Go ahead and put Joey Bats down for a kerfuffle during this week next year, too. 

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