BEYOND URGENT: Masahiro Tanaka wore surgical mask to airport

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Please do let me share with you the following somewhat breathless New York Post headline regarding Yankees import Masahiro Tanaka and the possible beast within:

If there is not a nearby mountaintop from which to bellow this news, then you shall build a mountaintop from which to bellow this news: For Masahiro Tanaka wore a surgical mask to the this, our airport!

From the linked dispatch:

Tanaka wore the mask as he headed to the aircraft, while Satoda [his wife] could be seen tottering to it on high heels holding a pink dog carrier with Tanaka’s brown toy poodle, Haru, inside.

It wasn’t clear what plane they were taking.

Whether Mr. Tanaka is merely over-cautious with regard to stinky germs or whether he is a secret globetrotting physician with vials of poison in his gadget-belt is not clear.


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