Bill Murray surprised a Cubs fan with a seat next to him at World Series Game 6

While some would claim that Cleveland Indians reliever Andrew Miller was the most famous great guy with no ego in attendance at Game 6 of the World Series, a Chicago Cubs fan did his best to overtake Miller for the crown. That Cubs fan? Renowned actor-slash-comedian Bill Murray.

Murray tends to attract a crowd for obvious reasons, yet Cubs fan Karen Michel got more than she bargained for when she began to follow Murray around outside the Progressive Field box office. Namely, a free ticket ... for a seat located next to Murray. Here's the story from's Alyson Footer:

Disappointed but not surprised by her luck, Michel turned away from the ticket window. She soon noticed actor Bill Murray walking by, and, her interest piqued, she started to follow him.

What she wasn't expecting was for Murray to turn around and hand her his extra World Series ticket.

It's unclear why Murray chose Michel -- or why he gave away the ticket like that in the first place. Was it just a random act of kindness? Was it a desire to not waste a World Series ticket -- perhaps a desire to not sit alone, or have to deal with the secondary market? Who knows.

But Murray made Michel's day, and reminded us that baseball can do what most other facets of life cannot -- cause one stranger to be kind to another in the name of a shared interest.

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