The New York Mets have a new billionaire bidder interested in buying them. Biotech investor Wayne Rothbaum is interested in purchasing the Major League Baseball franchise from the Wilpon family, but only for a fire-sale price, the New York Post reports

This type of deal would not include the cable network SNY, the Post said.

"I think he likes the idea of $1 billion," a source said in the Post report. "It's a round number and the Wilpons are not holding any cards without SNY."

Rothbaum's reported bid of $1 billion is a much lower offer than hedge funder Steve Cohen's $2.6 billion back in February. But, Cohen's deal wasn't successful and ultimately fell through.

Rothbaum is reportedly connected as a main financial investor in Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's potential plan to acquire a Mets ownership stake. It's possible that Rodriguez and Lopez might be moving in search of a new partner since Rothbaum's offer could be too low, The Post reports.

If a sale involving Rodriguez were to go through, A-Rod would join his former Yankees teammate, Derek Jeter, as an NL East executive. Jeter currently serves as the CEO and part owner of the Miami Marlins.