Billy Hamilton calls Usain Bolt a 'fool'

Could this develop into a speed-feud? (Getty Images)

Usain Bolt is recognized as the fastest man in the world, given that he just won the men's 100 meters in the London Olympics and still holds the world record.

Billy Hamilton is a minor-league baseball player in the Reds' system who entered Tuesday with 127 stolen bases in 107 games and can blaze around the basepaths with the best of 'em. I think it's safe to say he's the fastest man in baseball, at the very least.

So what does Hamilton think of Bolt? It's tough to tell the exact context, but here's the tweet:

Of course, there's a good chance he was using it in a good context. Like how "sick" means awesome these days. But still, I want a speed-feud.

It's time to arrange a public spectacle. And do it on Hamilton's turf, since Bolt is the obvious favorite. How about timing an inside-the-park home run around the bases? Each could have three chances and pick the best time. If nothing else, it would be fun to watch Bolt cruise around the bases.

Hat-tip: Baseball Prospectus

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