Bloomberg: Yankees, Dodgers among 10 teams worth more than $1B

Surprise: The Yankees are worth a lot of money. (USATSI)
Surprise: The Yankees are worth a lot of money. (USATSI)

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Bloomberg, taking a page from Forbes' playbook -- minus the slideshows -- has estimated the 2012 valuations for all 30 MLB franchises. Tops, of course, are the Yankees with an estimated worth of $3.3 billion (yes, that's a "b"), and then come the Dodgers at $2.1 billion. The Red Sox and Mets are also worth $2 billion or more. In all, 10 teams are tabbed as having valuations of at least $1 billion, and the average across all 30 clubs is a tidy $1 billion.  

In terms of competition across leagues, there's also this takeaway ... 

“Major League Baseball is catching up to valuations of the National Football League,” Anthony Di Santi, the managing director of the sports finance advisory division of New York-based Citigroup Inc.’s private bank, said at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit on Sept. 10. “It’s because they’ve been exploiting the media opportunities that are available to them on a national level.”

MLB is roughly a $9 billion industry these days, so keep that in mind the next time some observer wrings his hands over, say, all-but-meaningless TV ratings. As for the franchises themselves, they just keep getting more valuable. Maybe those local television deals and regional sports networks will turn out to be some kind of "asset bubble," but for now the game's balance sheet is incredibly healthy. 

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