Blown call costs A's in loss to Indians

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Ninth inning, Indians up 4-3 at home over the A's, Adam Rosales at the plate, Cleveland closer Chris Perez on the mound ...

Rosales takes a Perez four-seamer deep to left center for what looks like a home run but is ruled a double on the field. The umpires caucus and then repair to the tunnel in order to conduct an official review. They emerge, declare that the ruling -- that Rosales' hit was a double -- will stand.

A's manager Bob Melvin goes coconuts, second-base ump Angel Hernanez (he who is so often central to wrongness in all its forms) ejects him. A's load the bases before losing on a 1-3 putout.

Now that the lead is safely buried, here's the play in question. Watch closely for the point at which the angle of the ball changes ...

That -- even on a somewhat grainy GIF -- is pretty clearly a ball that bounced off the railing above the yellow line. Ergo, that's a home run. At that point, the game should've been tied.

If these were the pre-review days, then blowing this call would be understandable (and an object lesson in the need for instant replay). In light of the fact that the play was reviewed and Hernandez and company still -- for reasons sufficient unto themselves -- made the wrong call, all of this is rendered inexplicable. And, since this falls under the rubric of a "judgment call," the A's won't be able to lodge a protest.

Given all that, I find it hard to disagree with the sentiment expressed by one Jarrod Parker of the victimized A's ...

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