The American League Championship Series between the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays will begin on Friday. When it does, don't expect to hear Cleveland's team nickname uttered -- at least not if you're listening to Toronto's radio broadcast.

That's because Blue Jays play-by-play announcer Jerry Howarth refuses to use the nickname. Here's what he said on Tuesday on Jeff Blair's radio show, per the Sporting News:

"For the rest of my career I will not say 'Indian' or 'Brave,' and if I was in the NFL I would not say 'Redskins.'"

The reason for Howarth's abstinence? A letter he received a quarter of a century ago, in which a member of the First Nation tribe explained why the nicknames were offensive. To Howarth's credit, he's stuck to his 1992 vow and has since done his part to be more empathetic to others' sensibilities.

Toronto's radio announce wants no part in saying Indians during broadcasts. USATSI

Of course, Howarth's protest won't change the fact that the Indians will likely take the field throughout the series wearing hats depicting Chief Wahoo -- a ridiculous caricature that has long overstayed its welcome. Still, you have to respect and admire Howarth's decision all the same.