Blue Jays fan throws beer can at Orioles outfielder during AL Wild Card Game

A riveting AL Wild Card Game nearly turned ugly Tuesday night.

On Melvin Upton's seventh inning fly ball, a fan at Rogers Centre threw a beer can at Orioles left field Hyun Soo Kim as he was making the catch. Here are some images:


Kim was able to make the catch, but understandably was upset by having a beer thrown at him. Center field Adam Jones was angry as well, and manager Buck Showalter stormed out of the dugout to speak to the umpires as well.

Rule 3.16, which covers fan intereference, would have allowed umpires to award the out anyway even if Kim did not make the catch. Thankfully it didn't come to that.

This is not the first time the Rogers Centre crowd has thrown a beer at an Orioles player. Someone threw a beer at Nate McLouth back in 2013:

During the ALDS last year Blue Jays fans threw beer cans on the field during the team's brawl witht he Rangers in Game 5.

Folks, don't throw things on the field. It's dumb and dangerous. Hopefully that fan was ejected and banned from the ballpark.

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